Madison Beer Says Her Next Song Will Be "Completely Different"


This year has "been a ride" for Madison Beer, but she he's here for another one in 2019.

Madison says she loves surprising her fans and pushing herself to try new things. "Hurts Like Hell" with Offset was an unexpected hit, but Madison says she's not going to settle just cause that worked out. 

"All the music that's coming out following this is completely different than 'Hurts Like Hell' and 'Dead' and 'Home With You,' they just keep on evolving and changing, and I want my artistry to continue to shine through," Madison tells Mo' Bounce at Z100's Pepsi All Access Lounge. "...I'm only 19, so I keep growing, and I want my music to be able to grow and really flourish with me."

There is a new single, but Madison says she and her team aren't sure yet when it's going to come out . 

"Since I'm still a relatively new artist, I feel like I'm playing the game of, like, we don't know where this song is going to take us," she added. 

Check out the full interview above!


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