Normani Is Mixing It Up Like Christmas Gumbo at Z100's JingleBall


It's "the most wonderful time of the year" for Normani, despite the jet lag. 

In spite of all the work she's doing, Normani says family is always the priority around the holidays. No matter what happens, she says she'll be in Texas in time to get some of that Christmas gumbo!

"I am gonna be spending Christmas and the New Year at home," she told Mo' Bounce at Z100's Pepsi All Access Lounge. "I make it priority; I have to. ... I want to do something different though, cause we always spend it in Texas. I'm originally from New Orleans. We always make gumbo, which is our tradition — my grandmother makes it."

While she has big plans in music going into the New Year, Normani says she's focused on making sure she can enjoy it all. 

"I think a goal of mine would be just to be more present in everything that I do," she says. "There's so many amazing things happening, and you can get ahead of yourself ... and caught up, so I think that it's really important for me be able to just look up and see that my hard work is really paying off and that I deserve it."

Check out the full interview above!


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