Greg T's #TopicTrain: Other People's Mail, Rate Your Sex Skills And More!

Participate in Greg T's crazy antics! This week he's babbling about rating yourself in sex, opening other people's mail and more!


NOT YOUR MAIL: Ever had mail delivered to your house but it wasn’t yours?📬Did you open it because you were curious what it said? Greg T got mail delivered to his house and opened it and found out what the person's cell phone bill is!

NOT MY ORDER: The other day Greg T went to a drive-thru and ordered a meal at a burger place. He drove up and paid for it at the next window. When he drove away, he realized it wasn’t his order. He had ordered a big cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, a side of fries, and a diet soda. He got a chicken sandwich with lettuce, bacon, and onion rings. Instead of going back, he kept driving home and ate it anyway. Ever done that?

AWESOME IN BED: Are u awesome in bed and no one knows it? On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best, where do you think you rank as a crazy lover in bed? Or maybe you’re not crazy and you are a 3. That’s ok too. Be honest. Where do you rank?

MADE IN YOUR TOWN?: Straight is telling us that in #Ticonderoga they make pencils. So, Greg T wants to know where you are living and what is made in your town?

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