How Long Would You Wait For a Baby Yoda Plush?

Baby Yoda continues to break the internet and has grown to be one of the most popular gift inspirations of the holiday season! No one has proved this phenomenon better than Etsy seller GakmanCreatures. The artist is known for selling personalized sci-fi figures. Their work is sick, but nothing compares to their Tiny Master figures which sell for $458.16! Check that out here! These adorable dolls and their materials have completely sold for not only this holiday season- and NEXT!

GakmanCreatures released a statement saying the figures have complied a 17 month waiting list for the next figures! That’s ridiculous, he’s going to go through at least childhood and puberty by then… it’ll be an Adult Yoda by the time you receive it. But honestly, after looking into those eyes, I’d wait longer.

In case you’ve been living under a rock or are allergic to cuteness, Baby Yoda is the one of the newest Star Wars characters on Disney Plus +'s live action series, The Mandalorian. Check out our best Baby Yoda Memes here!



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